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See the story of the Three Kingdoms unfold in the palm of your hand!

  1. The Yellow Turban Rebellion

    During the late Eastern Han dynasty, the dual woes of a power struggle in the Imperial court and an onslaught of natural disasters have plunged the land into chaos. A powerful new leader, Zhang Jiao, forms the Way of Peace movement and raises an army, ultimately causing the Yellow Turban Rebellion. To quell the uprising, the court sends its army to meet them.

  2. Confusion at the Capital

    Even after the Yellow Turbans were suppressed, the bloody power struggle within the Imperial court continues. Dong Zhuo from Xiliang seizes the chance to invade Luoyang and take the emperor hostage, claiming the throne for himself. His atrocious crimes leave all other officials cowering in fear.

  3. Early Division